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Themed acts / Speciality acts

Make your party or event a memorable one by picking a theme and increase the fun and prestige element ten fold. Share a martini with 007, get heraldic in medieval England or lay on some leis and limbo away in the colourful Caribbean. There are no limits to your imagination and there are a huge variety of speciality acts that can help make your dream come true.

If inspired by any of the following selection, Rhythm of your Choice can assist in much more, including creating interiors, themed activities and other finishing touches.

Belly Dancers

Add a hint of sultry Arabian spice to your party and feel the atmosphere build and the temperature rise. The exotic sounds of the Souk and the Casbah fill the air and with a shimmer of the hips, the belly dancers will transport you to the mysterious Middle East


Knock Knock.  Who’s there?
Someone with the sense to leave it to the professionals!

Booking a comedian is a great alternative to a Speaker for after dinner entertainment but is equally suitable for a host of other occasions and corporate events, especially cabaret evenings and collegiate balls. From clean family fun to the little more risqué or non pc, you can guarantee there’ll be a performer out there that tickles your fancy. It’s all about the way they tell them!


Whether a believer or not, the skilful and comedic abilities of a hypnotist will have your guests entranced, some quite literally! Audience participation is a prerequisite but remember to salute the brave for contributing to the evening’s entertainment, its family fun, and not ritual humiliation.

Devil Dwarf/Mini Me

Catering for the “little devil” in us all, our character dwarf actor specialises in bringing a touch of miniature mischief to the proceedings. He can also appear as Dr Evil’s sidekick, “Mini Me” for some cheesy movie mayhem.

Medieval Acts

Transport your guests back to the bygone age of chivalry, romance and honour. Your venue (if suited) will be transformed by a host of fabulous colourful characters and scenes. Smell the danger as the knights charge under billowing banners. Jesters and jugglers mingle amongst the crowd accompanied by minstrels, and at dusk, torches blaze, drawing to a close a wholly memorable occasion.

Meet and greeters

Surprise your guests on their arrival by having someone a little unexpected to meet and greet them. Whether it’s one of our fabulous feathered show girls, or one of our look-alikes, controversial or comedic, it’s one sure fire way to bring on some spontaneous smiles.

Recommended look-alikes:

– Ali G
– Austin Powers
– David and Victoria Beckham
– Del Boy and Patsy
– James Bond
– Blofeld and Jaws
– Ozzy Osbourne
– Swen and Nancy

Street entertainers

Thrill your guests with the striking costumes of our gifted stilt walkers. Surprise them with an interactive living statue, and wow them with the daring exploits of fire-eaters. Enlist one or more of our street entertainers and bring the exciting spectacle of the ‘Notting Hill Carnival’ to your occasion. These are especially suitable for outside events and garden parties.

Spoof Paparazzi

Hold the front page, because have we got a real scoop for you!
Capture the fun and frolics of your party by hiring some spoof paparazzi. They will be snap happy during the event, then, when the haze of merriment has lifted, the pictures can be viewed on-line.

Don’t worry they are not quite as intrusive as those real celebrity snoopers but there’ll be very few places to hide!

Tarot Card Reading

Bring an inventive and novel dimension to your party entertainment and have a Tarot Card reader impart some mystic wisdom and challenge those Psychic cynics. We predict this will have your guests spellbound!

Oxidation (stilts and fire)

Bring some razzle dazzle and the theatrical romance of the Moulin Rouge to your occasion. Oxidation are a dynamic circus duo. As stilt walkers (with a variety of costumes available which can be themed to your day) they can be a towering, eye catching addition as they meet your guests. Or maybe you would enjoy an innovative and colourful walkabout floor show, and when the dusk draws in, bring on the wow factor with a psychedelic spectacle – Jugglers with fire but without fear!

Oxidation also provides an indoor alternative which is a true audio visual feast.